RPSC RAS Salary 2023:In Hand Salary, Work Profile & Promotions

In this post, we will explain all the details of the RAS (Rajasthan Administrative Services) Officer such as RAS Salary and allowances, Probation and training period salary of RAS, RAS Grade pay, work profile of RAS, RAS allied Salaries, RAS promotion structure, and much more.

RAS salary

What is a RAS Officer?

The RAS officer’s full form is Rajasthan Administrative Services, the top post for administrative services in Rajasthan. Selection of RAS is made through an open competitive exam called RAS (Rajasthan state and subordinate services combined competitive Examination).

This examination is held every 2-3 years by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission RPSC. This exam consists of three stages Prelims, Mains, and Interviews. You can download free notes and study material from RAS toppers on our website.

NOTE: If you are preparing for RAS then we have compiled Free Study Material And Booklist from RAS Toppers of RAS 2021 and RAS 2018 Exams.

RAS officer is also called an SDM or Sub Division Majestrate as he/she is responsible for administration and law and order in the designated subdivision. SDM Salary consists of Gradepay, basic salary, allowances, etc. and it varies from Rs 70,000 to Rs. 90,000 per month as per 7th CPC.

RAS Officer Salary (Latest Update):

Many aspirants always keep wondering What the Salary of RAS Officer in Rajasthan or “Ras Ki salary kitni hoti hai “.

The information we have provided on the salary of RAS officers is the latest and updated from various government resources.

The RAS or SDM salary structure in Rajasthan has various components such as Grade Pay, Basic Salary, and pay scales like L14 or Level 14. The RAS monthly salary depends on factors like location of posting, and training periods, with specific details on the salary of an RAS officer,

For comprehensive insights, it’s essential to explore the minimum and probationary salaries, along with details on Ras salary slip, in-hand salary, and monthly earnings for RAS officers. The breakdown of RAS in-hand salary provides a comprehensive understanding of their overall compensation structure.

RAS In Hand Salary Breakdown:

According to the most recent pay commission ie 7th Pay Commission, an entry-level Rajasthan Administrative Service (RAS) officer receives a monthly Basic Pay of Rs. 56,100. In addition to the base pay, officers are eligible for various allowances such as dearness allowance, house rent allowance, travel allowance, medical allowance, and more.

The amount of these allowances, ranging from 30% to 70% of the basic salary, is determined by factors like the officer’s posting location and other considerations. In summary, the overall in-hand salary for RPSC RAS officers can vary between Rs. 70,000 and Rs. 90,000 per month, contingent upon factors such as position, experience, and other relevant considerations.

RAS per month Salary Components Total Amount
Basic PayRs. 56,100
Dearness Allowance (46%) from 017-202325,806
Special Allowance
Rs. 380-600
City Compensatory Pay
Rs. 1000

Contributory Pension Fund (deduction) CPFRs. 6,563

After OPS (Old Pension Scheme), this Contribution will not be deducted.

Refer:Rajasthan Govt’s Department of Finance Circular

State Insurance (deduction)Rs. 3000
House Rent Allowance
(based on posting location) Y and Z Catoriges of Cities
We are taking Y category of cities: 16%

Rs. 8,976
Total: RAS In-hand Salary per month 2023
Rs. 88,919 (After probation Period )

RAS Salary During Probation or Training Period

During the probationary period or Training period at HCM RIPA, the in-hand RAS training period salary is different. Notably, RPSC RAS officers do not receive any allowances during this probationary phase. A RAS probationer-trainee will receive a fixed remuneration as per 7th CPC or 7th Pay Commission and prescribed by the Government from time to time.

RAS or SDM Training Salary Components

RAS fixed remuneration during the training period and Probation as per the 7th CPCRs. 39,300
Contributory Pension Fund Rs. 3,930 (deducted)
After OPS (Old Pension Scheme), this Contribution will not be deducted.
Total Emoluments during RAS Probation and Training PeriodRs. 35,370

SDM, DSP, RAcS, and ACF Salary Comparision in Rajasthan:

In Rajasthan, the RAS or SDM salary, DSP or Deputy Superintendent of Police which is also called RPS or Rajasthan Police Officer, Lekha Adhikari or Rajasthan Account Services Officer, and ACF salary in Rajasthan is similar as they all have the same grade pay i.e. L14 or Level 14. Their In-Hand Salary is similar to a RAS officer is Rs. 56100 Basic Pay + Other Allowances which comes to roughly 70-90 Thousand Rupees per month after deduction.

Note: What shall be the pay on the appointment of a Government Servant who is already in regular service of the Rajasthan State Government?

A Government servant, who is already in regular service of the State Government, if appointed as probationer-trainee on a post-carrying Level in the Pay Matrix either equal or higher than the previous Level in the Pay Matrix shall be allowed pay at his/ her Level in the Pay Matrix of the previous post or fixed remuneration at such rates as may be prescribed by the Government from time to time, whichever may be beneficial to him/ her.

So If you are receiving a salary of Level-15 pay matrix from Rajasthan Government, you will continue receiving higher salary during your training and probation period and even after probation.

RAS Salary Slip 2023:

Students can review the RAS Officer’s salary slip, containing a detailed breakdown of elements like basic pay, various allowances, deductions, and pension contribution specifics. It’s important to note that the salary slip presented here pertains to a prior recruitment cycle but serves as a valuable reference for your information.

Ras salary pay slip
Note: This Payslip is for reference purposes of the L-14 grade pay of RAS in-hand salary pay slip. The latest RAS salary in hand ranges from Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 90,000 depending upon the location of the posting etc.

RAS vs IAS Salary:

Comparing RAS (Rajasthan Administrative Service) and IAS (Indian Administrative Service) salaries reveals differences in pay structures and scales. While both are prestigious civil services positions, there are variations in their remuneration. Here’s a brief overview of the salary comparison between RAS and IAS officers:

AspectRAS OfficerIAS Officer
Basic Salary56,10056,100
Grade PayLevel 14 as per Rajasthan GovernmentLevel 10 as per Central Government
AllowancesSimilar, but rates may varySimilar, but rates may vary
House Rent Allowance
16% and 8% of Basic Pay27%, 18%, and 9 % of Basic Pay
Perks and FacilitiesStandardEnhanced
Hierarchy and ResponsibilitiesState-level administrative dutiesNational-level administrative duties
Career ProgressionLimited within the state bureaucracyBroader scope for national-level positions
Overall CompensationGoodHigher

RPSC RAS Salary Calculation Formula

Total RAS Salary = Basic Pay +HRA (House Rent Allowance)+ DA (Dearness Allowance) + Other allowances

RAS Salary and Grade Pay Overview:

Exam Taking Body Rajasthan Public Service Commission
Exam NameRAS Rajasthan state and subordinate services combined competitive Examination
RAS Grade pay Rs. 5400
RAS Pay MatrixL14 or Level 14 (Level 14 Matrix)
RAS Basic PayRs. 56100
RAS WorK profileAdministration, executive and development functions
RAS Job LocationAll over Rajasthan and On Central Government Deputation if required.

RAS Facilities, Perks and Allowances 2023

Aspirants are often curious about the work profile of a RAS Officer and usually ask ras ka kya kaam hota hai? The Rajasthan Administrative Service (RAS) offers a comprehensive package of facilities, perks, and allowances to its officers, making it an attractive career choice. Here’s an overview of the key benefits:

RPSC RAS Salary Facilities, Perks & AllowancesAmount in Rs.
House Rent Allowance(based on posting location) Y and Z Catoriges of Cities:
The rate of HRA is 16% in Y Cities: Bikaner, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Ajmer
The rate of HRA is 8% in Z Cities: Remaining Cities
Medical AllowanceCashless treatment under the Rajasthan Government Health Scheme RGHS
Travel Allowance Varies based on posting location and nature of duty
Telephone Allowance Rs. 1,000 per month
Electricity Allowance Rs. 750 per month
Group InsuranceRs. 5 lakhs coverage
Personal Accident InsuranceRs. 10 lakhs coverage
Leave Travel ConcessionVaries based on posting location and nature of duty
Dearness Allowance (DA) 46 % of basic pay from 0107-2023
Contributory Pension Fund (CPF)10% of basic pay + DA: will be discounted after OPS

Work Profile of an RAS Officer:

RAS officers are entrusted with diverse responsibilities that span across administrative, executive, and developmental domains. Their key functions include:

1. Administrative Functions

  • Policy Implementation: RAS officers are responsible for implementing government policies at the ground level, ensuring their effective execution. They work under the direct supervision of IAS Officers. They work as Sub Division Magistrate or SDM, Sub Divisional Officer or SDO or Assistant Commissioner and Executive Majestrate or ACEM depending upon the jurisdiction of the district. That is why RAS officers are often called mini-IAS Officers.
  • Law and Order: Maintaining law and order within their jurisdiction or Subdivision is a critical aspect of their role.

2. Executive Functions

  • Public Service Delivery: RAS officers oversee the delivery of various public services of Rajasthan and Central Governments to citizens.
  • Developmental Projects: They actively participate in and supervise developmental projects to enhance the overall socio-economic condition of the region. Currently, many RAS officers are part of developmental projects sponsored by international agencies such as the World Bank, JICA, IMF, etc.

3. Developmental Functions

  • Planning and Development: RAS officers contribute to the planning and execution of development projects, focusing on infrastructure, education, health, and more. Whether it is the Universal Health Scheme of the Rajasthan Government or Chiranjeevi Yojna, RAS officers are part of planning and development at every level.
  • Local Governance: They work closely with local bodies to facilitate grassroots development. RAS officers work closely with the Tehsildar, BDO, and local administration for the smooth functioning of local governance and delivery of services to the last mile.

RAS Allied Salaries :

RAS Allied Services in Rajasthan offers different salaries, with roles like Block Development Officers BDOs and Tehsildars. Positions with a 3600-grade pay or at Level 10 come with competitive remuneration. These salary packages reflect the significance of the roles in local governance and revenue administration. These RAS-allied posts are important for effective grassroots-level administration.

PostsPay ScaleRPSC RAS salary (approx.)
RAS or SDM , RPSor DySp, Insurance Service, and women & child development service, Rajasthan Accounts Services or RAcsRs. 15600 to 39100 with Grade Pay 5400 (Level 14 Matrix)Rs. 7000090000
Rajasthan Commercial Tax Service, Tourism Service, Jail Service, Co-operative Service and more Rs. 9300 to 34800 with Grade Pay 4800 (Level 12 Matrix)Rs. 55000-65500
Rajasthan Social Justice & Empowerment Service, Rajasthan Social Justice & Empowerment Service, Rajasthan Tehsildar Service, Rajasthan Employment Subordinate Service and moreRs. 9300 to 34800 with GP 4200 (Level 11 Matrix)Rs. 55500-62500
Rajasthan Subordinate Devasthan Service. Rajasthan Excise Subordinate Service, Commercial Tax Subordinate Service, Subordinate Service, and moreRs. 9300 to 34800 with GP 3600 (Level 10 Matrix)Rs. 4850058500

RAS Training Full Details:

The Rajasthan Administrative Service (RAS) training is a comprehensive program aimed at equipping officers with the skills and knowledge required for effective administrative roles within the state. The training encompasses various aspects of governance, public administration, law, and management, ensuring a holistic understanding of the responsibilities entrusted to RAS officers.

RAS Training Period: Candidates who are allotted RAS posts will have to undergo 2-year basic induction training at HCM RIPA. During this time, they will be on probation for two years from the date of joining and will receive a fixed remuneration of Rs. 35000/- Per month.

HCM RIPA : Training for RAS officers is conducted at Harish Chandra Mathur Rajasthan State Institute of Public Administration HCM RIPA located in Jaipur. It offers a conducive environment for immersive learning, leveraging its infrastructure and resources.

There are four Regional Training Centres of HCMA RIPA located at Udaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, and Kota. It conducts the foundational training for officials recruited to various state services, viz. Rajasthan Administrative Service, Rajasthan Accounts Service, and others. the officers of the Indian Administrative Service (Allotted to Rajasthan) also get professional training from HCM RIPA.

RPA or Rajasthan Police Academy located at Jaipur is the primary institution of mandatory training for Rajasthan Police Service officers.

RAS Promotion & Career Growth:

RPSC RAS officers enjoy multiple avenues for career progression and advancement. Promotion criteria are determined by individual states, typically taking place after 9-10 years of dedicated service. Beyond the prestigious elevation in rank, officers also witness a noteworthy enhancement in their salaries and allowances upon securing promotions to higher administrative positions.

Following are RAS Pay along with basic pay and pay level scales such as Ordinary Scale, Senior Scale, Selection Scale, Supertime Scale, and Higher Supertime Scale.

RAS Pay scale

Some RAS Officers are posted as Tehsildars in the initial stage of their career to get field experience of local administration. Other RAS officers are directly posted as SDM, SDO, or ACEM.

Promotion is granted to RAS through the Departmental Promotion Committee or DPC, which is headed by the Chairman of the RPSC, in accordance with the rules framed by the State Government. 

Time Period RAS in FiedRAS in Sectretariet
After Joining SDO/SDM/Assistant Collector and Executive MagistrateAssistant Director/Under Secretary
78 years of service Deputy Collector Deputy Secretary
15-17 Years of Service ADM or CEOJoint Secretary
24-26 years of service DM or Disrtict Majestrate (IAS Post)Additional Secretary
2832 Years of ServiceDivisional Commissioner Special Secretary

RAS Promotion to IAS: In Rajasthan, the promotion from RAS to IAS depends upon various factors such as age of joining, service records, and vacancies in a particular category. From Past trends, In Rajasthan, an RAS Officer is promoted to IAS after 26-30 years of service.

RPS Promotion to IPS: In Rajasthan, the promotion from RPS to IPS is relatively faster than RAS to IAS but depends upon various factors such as the age of joining, service records, and vacancies in a particular category. From Past trends, In Rajasthan, an RPS or Rajasthan Police Officer is promoted to IPS Indian Police Services Officer after 18-20 years of continuous service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do RAS Officers Get their own Official Vehicles? or Which Car SDM in Rajasthan Gets?

Cars like Innova,Safari, and Scorpio are used when an RAS officer is posted at field jobs (SDM,CDO, DM, and Divisional Commissioners).

What is the starting Salary of SDM in Rajasthan?

After posting, An RAS Officer gets a starting salary of Rs. 35000/- per month during probation and around 70-90 Thousand per month after the probation period as per the 7th CPC.


We have provided all the relevant details related to RAS salary in Rajasthan, facilities and perks of RAS, and their promotion aspects. RAS is the most important officer for administration in Rajasthan and its relevance is shown through the salary perks and allowances he gets. In case you have doubts, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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