Top 10 Tips for RAS Mains Examination RPSC Rajasthan

We have invited one of the 2021 RAS Batch Toppers to give tips to aspirants in getting good marks in the RAS Mains Examination. So, this post is written by RAS Batch topper and we hope you will find RAS Mains Tips worth your time.

Congratulations on reaching the RAS mains! I’ve walked the same path and successfully cleared it, so here’s a detailed guide and tips and tricks to help you clear the Rajasthan Administrative Services RAS mains examination. Let’s dive into each tip with a friend-to-friend approach.

I hope you have seen your mark sheets for RAS 2021 Final Examination, If not you can visit here to download RAS Mains 2021 Marksheet.

RAS Mains Tips

RAS Mains Examination:

As you all know, RAS or Rajasthan Administrative Sergceis Examination is one of the prestigious examination of RAS where you get posts such as SDM, DySP, Account Services, Tehsildaar etc. The RAS Exam is conducted by RPSC Rajasthan Public Service Commission in three stages namely Prelims, Mains and Interview.

Tip 1: Get to Know the Game – Understand the Exam Pattern:

Picture this: there are four papers in RAS mains – General Studies I, II, III, and Paper IV Hindi/English. Each has its own quirks. Take some time to understand them, figure out which ones need more attention, and plan accordingly.

Tip 2: Your Words Matter – Develop Clear Writing Skills:

Writing skills are your secret weapon. Practice answering questions in a straightforward way. Imagine you’re explaining things to a friend who doesn’t know much about the topic. You may know that the range of marks between someone getting 1st Rank and 99th Rank is just a matter of 10-15 marks. Manage your time well during practice – you don’t want to run out during the actual exam!

Tip 3: Embrace Your Roots – Prioritize Rajasthan-specific Content:

We’re here to serve Rajasthan, right? So, make friends with its history, culture, and geography. Spend quality time getting to know your state better. It’s like learning the story of your best friend – you want to know everything!

Tip 4: Stay Updated – Daily Dose of News:

News can be overwhelming but think of it like a daily storybook. Read the newspaper every day to stay in the loop. Try connecting what’s happening globally with how it affects our beloved Rajasthan. It’ll make things much more interesting, I promise.

Tip 5: Be the Boss of Your Time – Create a Study Plan:

Imagine your study plan is like a treasure map, and each “X” is a topic you need to conquer. Break it down weekly and monthly. Be the captain of your ship – adjust your sails as needed, and you’ll reach the treasure island of success.

You can take 2 subjects for example History and Geography per day or can allot full day to one single subject. Experiment with subjects and schedules and you might get something to stick with.

Tip 6: Master the Clock – Practice Time Management:

Time is your best friend and your worst enemy in the exam hall. Practice with a timer. Learn to divide your time wisely among different sections. Identify where you’re spending too much time and find ways to speed up without losing quality. I have seen people not finishing paper and later regret once they come out of RAS mais examination Hall.

Tip 7: Small Subjects – Your Superpower:

Small subjects are like your favorite hobbies – they make you stand out. If you enjoy them, go all in. Dive deep into those subjects, and regularly solve old question papers to understand their rhythm. Papers like Sociology, and Management will not help you to fetch good marks in RAS Mains but will help you in administration once you get selected as an RAS Officer.

Tip 8: Be a Revision Rockstar – Regular and Systematic Review:

Revision is like rehearsing your favorite song before a big concert. Make it a part of your routine – daily, weekly, and monthly revision of RAS mains topics. Flashcards and mind maps can help you remember everything.

Tip 9: Learn from History – Solve Previous Year Question Papers:

One of the most important aspects of RAS mains is Old question papers. Every year almost 10-15 questions per subject are repeated as it is from previous years RAS Mains papers. They are like time-traveling to the future exam. Dive into them, understand the patterns, and get familiar with the kind of questions they like to ask. It’s like having a sneak peek into what’s coming.

Please See RAS Mains Previous Year Papers here(In Hindi /English)

Tip 10: Stay Cool and Confident – Exam Day Mindset:

On the big day, trust yourself. Stay cool and be confident. If a question seems like a puzzle from another dimension, move on, and come back to it later. Your confidence is your armor; wear it proudly.

If You are looking for RAS Mains best books for preparation in Hindi and English check out RAS Toppers Free booklist and notes in PDF


There you have it, my future RAS officers! You’re on the brink of something incredible. This journey might be challenging, but remember, I’ve been there, and you’re not alone. Keep going, stay focused, and before you know it, you’ll be part of the remarkable team serving Rajasthan.

Best of luck – you’re closer than you think!

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